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Alternate Movie Poster for Jurassic Park. Limited Printing, 50 made. Signed and Numbered by the artist. 

This movie blew my mind the first time I saw it. And to this day it still does. Though the franchise got weaker with the coming of it's sequel and third installment. I did find that the 4th in the movie brought back that wonder and awe that the first gave me, and to this day still does! Gotta say I love Jurassic Park. I designed this print in the hopes of getting this made up by a silk screener. I am currently looking for someone.


© 2017 Tom Ryan's Studio


They are a Limited Edition printing and are limited to only 50 prints. They have been printed on grey card stock paper silk screened 4 colors. Print measures 18" x 24" 

They are signed and numbered. 

This is my first Silk Screened print and has been printed by a local print shop, Low Brow Printing. 

This Print is a Limited Edition Printing, all images will be personally printed, signed and numbered by myself and will ship with a freebie!

Each Print will be wrapped in newsprint paper and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailing tube.

© 2017 Tom Ryan's Studio

$50.00 USD
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